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Unique collection mik 3 Watch for Fitness and Health

Unique Personal Body Massager (Vibrator) For Men’s & Women’s (Black)

Cordless & Rechargeable : Cordless Design Allows Maximum Flexibility For Effective Massage. Easily Recharge With USB Cable Which Smartly Fits To Your Mobile Adapter, Laptop, Power Bank or Car Charger.

8 Speeds & 20 Patterns : Massager Comes With High Performance 20 Vibration Patterns And 8 Intense Speed Strength to Tailor Your Massage Experience.

Skin Friendly & 360° rotatable Head : Phthalate Free Medical Grade Silicon Material Which is Non-Toxic & Odourless. The Head is 360° Rotatable to Reach Any Desired Massage Area.

Colgate PROCLINICAL 150 Sonic Charcoal Battery Powered Toothbrush

  • Power-tip bristles that use SONIC vibrations (20,000 strokes/minute) to clean in between the teeth and other hard-to-reach places
  • Charcoal infused anti-bacterial bristles prevent bacteria growth
  • Comes with a replaceable brush head and a 2-minute timer setting
  • Slim, light-weight handle designed for easy control, two AAA batteries included
  • Offers superior plaque removal vs. an ordinary manual toothbrush
  • Soft, thin-tipped bristles help clean along the gum-line
  • Brush head with cheek and tongue cleaner helps remove odour-causing bacteria


  • The Steam Sauna Is Better For Muscle Relaxation And Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Removes Toxins – Sweating Relieves The Body Of Waste Products, And Sitting In A Sauna For As Much As 20 Minutes Or Less Can Rid The Body Of An Entire Day’S Sweat And All Of The Toxins That Come With It
  • Clears The Skin – Steam Clears Skin Impurities And Can Serve As An Acne Treatment. It Also Improves Circulation Throughout The Body Which Will Give You A Healthy Glow, And Make Your Skin Look And Feel Great.
  • Relieves Tension – Heat From The Sauna Soothes Your Nerve Endings And Also Warms And Relaxes Your Muscles. Saunas And Steam Rooms Can Also Minimize Joint Pain As Well As Arthritis, Migraines, And Headaches Due To The High Heat Environment.

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