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Introduction :

Magic can simply be described as the per of influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Magic as a way of treatment is being used even today in most of the societies. The means used is called charms or spells which are believed to have supernatural power over natural forces. It consists of the use of special powers to make things happen that would usually be impossible. Magic as a way of treatment has been an important part of human culture for most of recorded history. However, it is having a positive, ambivalent, and negative connotations known as White magic, Grey magic, and Black magic respectively. And, it continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in almost all cultures even today.

Magic is the application of beliefs, rituals, and many more actions practiced with the intention that they can subdue or manipulate natural or even supernatural beings and forces. It is an altogether separate category consisting of various beliefs and practices. And, these are sometimes considered separate from both religion and science. Throughout history, there have been individuals who engage themselves in the practice of magic. These people were sometimes, referred to as magicians or witches in their societies.

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Types Of Magic :

There are three types of magic i.e. White Magic, Gray Magic And, Black Magic. The White magic has traditionally been understood as the use of magic for selfless or helpful purposes. And, the Gray magic, also called neutral magic, is magic that is neither performed for specifically beneficial reasons nor is it perform ed for completely hostile practices. It contains things like confusing a person to get a job done without any ill intention which might have been difficult otherwise. But, the Black magic is often regarded as evil magic such as voodoo and satanism. It is a spellcasting that is used to pursue selfish motives without regard to its effects on others. The term is quite broad, and many people simply use it to describe the magic that, they think, is morally unacceptable.

Magic as a way of treatment mainly consists of the White magic. Because the white magic generates positive energies. And, the energies generated through the healing spells support and harmonize subtle bodies, which means soul and spirit. As we know that for the healing of the gross material body, the medical treatment by a qualified doctor is necessary. A good doctor is also a Magician because he can cure a patient quickly and easily. Since the methods of modern medicine are faster and more effective for the healing of a disease, that is why it is preferred.

But, sometimes, our mind and spirit are not able to cooperate. So they block the successful healing process in extraordinary situations like the current pandemic. The pandemic COVID – 19 has created fear, stress, and anxiety among a large number of people on this globe. Hence, in situations like this, healing magic is an effective tool, which can remove this block and allow the body to start the healing process. The healing spell of white magic has only one particular goal to bring people back into harmony with the world and make a person healthy and happy. The Magician understands illness as disharmony caused by the inequality of forces within a human being. Magic is then an easy way to take him back to harmony. Unfortunately, it may also work in the opposite direction. Like it could be a magical attack or black magic spell that can be the cause of disharmony in the human body and thus the cause of the disease. In such cases, white magic can be the best solution.

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Health Spells in Magic as a way of treatment

Good health depends on various factors. A good physical condition can keep you healthy. But it is possible only as long as it is in tune with your emotional and psychological layers. But due to the widespread presence of things like novel coronavirus, stress is affecting most of the people all over the world. Hence the best recommendation is that we should learn to transform stress into more positive energies. The human body is full of surprises. And each person might react differently to medical treatment. By using the white magic rituals and casting the health spells we will be able to heal pain and stress not only on ourselves but on our loved ones.

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The best way to start the healing process with this healing affirmation: To begin with you can try by saying to yourself the following affirmation for the purpose of treatment.

I am joy and health, I am power.
Every day, I am closer and closer to being healthy.
As moon is waning, this disease is waning too.
I am joy and health, I am power.

This White Magic formula is healing prayer. Instead of saying the word disease in general, just say the name of the disease you want to get rid of. The desired result is articulated, the disease is confined into words, and finally, there is the command from you for it to disappear. It is important, that this healing ritual takes place in the appropriate context, which means, one should do it in a proper place and atmosphere.

To begin with light a sky blue candle and incense, put a blanket on the table, make a devotional image and ring a bell at the beginning and end of the ritual (another instrument with a similar sound will also work). Make sure that you are not disturbed during the ritual. Turn off the phone and close the door. The process of healing should take place in a peaceful atmosphere. This means both, outer and inner peace. The level of peace should significantly symbolize the magical space. While dealing with the disease, Put your hand on the sore spot, brush the illness away, or take the illness to your hand and blow it away. These actions make the magic spell stronger.

You can benefit more from magic as a way of treatment by taking the following steps :

1. By continuously seeking and visiting of spiritual people, Masters and also holy and powerful places.

2. By regular reading of spiritual literature and holy books.

3. By regularly practicing of spiritual exercises like meditation and prayers.

However, it has been found that the best method for healing is a combination of white magic rituals, meditation, a healthy diet, proper physical exercise and of course, following the doctor’s instructions. White magic assists conventional medicine with recurring diseases and psychosomatic diseases spectacularly well.

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