Kid’s Immunity Management

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Kid’s Immunity Management is very difficult but the most important task especially during these difficult times of COVID-19. The devastating impact of coronavirus on all of us is a matter of grave concern. Immunity seems to be the only protection against this deadly virus. But kids are kids and they are going to do things their own way. As parents, it becomes your responsibility to be vigilant about their health. Thus, managing the kid’s immune systems for their protection against coronavirus should be a top priority for every parent.

The immune system, as most of us are aware of, is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against various diseases caused by various viruses and other pathogens. But, to function properly, an immune system must detect a wide variety of external as well as internal agents, known as pathogens like viruses including coronavirus, bacteria, parasitic worms, etc. And the immune system must distinguish them from the organism’s own healthy cells to avoid harming these healthy cells. Hence an overactive immune system is also not good because it may cause autoimmune disease.

It is a fact that most of the kids are fussy by nature. They just try to avoid things or do just opposite of what they are told to do. Hence parents have to deal with them in such a way that they not only get things to strengthen their immunity but also enjoy it and long for it. You can go for things mentioned below for your kid’s immunity management.

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Exercise :

It is an established fact that moderate exercises have a beneficial effect on the immune systems of our bodies. Also, these exercises enhance the immune system through stress-reduction. Thus, encouraging your kids to opt for age-appropriate exercises regularly will not only make them physically fit but will also support a healthy immune system. But, you must remember that these exercises should be only moderate and not intensive. Because it is widely accepted that long periods of very intensive exercises may depress immunity. On the other hand, it is a fact that regular moderate-intensity exercise is beneficial. Thus as parents it is important for you to exercise caution.

Nutritious Diets :

Nutrition plays a very important role in kid’s immunity management while malnutrition is considered the leading cause of inadequate immunity worldwide. Also, the deficiencies of Vitamins A, B6, C, E, etc. are also associated with reduced immunity. Micronutrients such as Zinc, Selenium, Iron, and Copper are also important in developing and maintaining a healthy immune system. Thus, a properly balanced diet with all required nutrients is extremely important, especially in the growing years for children when the immune system is still in the process of maturing. Turmeric with lukewarm water should be the first thing given to the kids in the morning especially during these difficult times. Turmeric’s active component ‘curcumin’ makes it a powerful antioxidant. Thus making it ideal for stronger immunity. Also, add a pinch of turmeric to milk and give it to them before bedtime. Again adding some saffron (Kesar) will further enhance the healing properties of the milk. Further, It must be ensured that you keep them away from all processed and fast food items including white sugar as much as possible. The kids should stay clear of white flour, it affects the health and immunity of your child in more ways than you think. Because it promotes obesity leading to reduced activities and, weakening immunity.

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Research has also shown that having a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil daily can also boost your immunity. Hence, kids must be encouraged to have it. Again, seasonal veggies and fruits have phytonutrients like vitamins and minerals which are needed to fight viruses, bacteria, and other infections. Fruits like Jamun, cherries, peaches, and guava have abundant vitamin C that boosts immunity.

Crunchy dry fruits and nuts like cashews, almonds, dates, raisins, and walnuts are a good sources of vitamins and antioxidants. You can make an interesting trail mix for them. The kids can have them in any form they like dry or roasted. They are high in protein and sources of good fats which would also ensure that the energy levels of your kids are always high.

Mushrooms are loaded with vitamin D and antioxidants which play a major role in building and maintaining immunity. To make it fun for children, you can include them in sandwiches and spruce them up with other seasonal veggies. You can also give them a hot mushroom soup to slurp on.

Milkshakes, smoothies, and fruit yogurt can break the monotony of having only typed food. Also, seasonal fruits and dry fruits can be added to make these as per the choice of your kids for boosting their immunity.

The kids who like non-vegetarian foods like chicken, mutton or fish, and seafood, can get enough proteins that our bodies need to build and repair tissues. Not only that but it also plays a vital role in boosting white blood cells which are responsible for fighting infections. Again, meat supplies Vitamin B, zinc, iron and fish, other plates of seafood, etc. supplies Omega-3 fatty acids that our body uses in keeping up its defense mechanism up to date.

Lastly some auyrvedic preparations like chyawanprash, amrit rasayans etc. can also be given to the kids for their immunity management. It is because these preparations contain gooseberry i.e.amla and other herbs rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Healthy Sleep Habits

Our sleeping habits are a restorative process that plays a critical role in the proper functioning of our immune system. And, lack of proper sleep may lead to the weakening of the immune system. Thus leading to increased susceptibility to infection. In fact, it is proven by various researches that shorter than ideal sleeping duration is associated with an increased incidence of the common cold and other related infections. Certain immune system cells such as T cells and proinflammatory cytokines peak during the night while resting. It is thus important to develop and follow a healthy and optimum sleep pattern for your children. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is mandatory for a healthy immune system.



There are quite a few crystals that people use to boost and strengthen the immune system of their kids. The crystals like Amethyst, Emerald, Lithium in Quartz, and Quantum Quattro Silica are just a few that can help in kid’s immunity management.

Amethyst is a powerful and very popular healing crystal that can help to strengthen the immune system. Amethyst reinforces the cleansing and eliminating wastes from our bodies. It helps in the management of our immune system. Also, it regulates intestinal flora where most of our immune system rests. It is considered a natural tranquilizer because it relieves stress and nervous system disorders. Thus promoting tranquility and strengthening your immunity. It helps combat insomnia and protects against nightmares by inducing restful sleep. Amethyst balances your emotional highs and lows and is a valuable aid in eliminating anger, fear, and anxiety.

Remember, it is not possible to completely remove germs or infections from their lives, but we can help strengthen their immune system by keeping some small but important things in mind

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