Energy healing is the most vibrant and positive mode of alternative therapy. It is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove undesirable blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to fight a disease itself is stimulated. Energy Healing is modernistic and unique in nature. Integrated meditation and exercise which complements other similar healing methods is the true characteristic of this healing system only. Hence it becomes more important considering the coronavirus crisis the world is facing at present.

It comprises skillful usage of sound, light, herbs, crystals, and many other things. These things are used as energy medicines due to the inherent ‘vibratory patterns’ in them. Then the exchange of these energy medicines’ takes place between the practitioner (healer) and the patient through interaction. The interaction may be direct or indirect.

Crystals for Energy Healing

Effectiveness Of This Method

So far as energy healing is concerned, scientists have discovered that it is very real and very effective. For example, Reiki is one of the most popular forms of energy healing. It has proved to relieve pain, helped in curing mental illnesses, etc. And it even improves cognition in elderly patients with Alzheimer’s. Energy healing has proved so effective that almost all major hospitals and health facilities all around the world recommend it along with usual treatment. So if we make energy healing as a part of our wellness routine it will be a great way to ensure every part of our body as healthy and strong. That is the need of the hour as the entire world is searching for something that could help it in fighting COVID-19.

Energy Healing methods

Energy Healing methods that are mostly practiced all over the world are as follows –

Prayer – Praying and chanting positively affect energy fields of the body when applied along with meditation.

Acupuncture – By skillful puncturing of certain points in our body, the defunct energy flow may be rectified and positive energy flow can be enhanced in the human body.

Acupressure – By using optimum pressure on particular pressure points we can accelerates the flow of subtle energy in the human body.

Reflexology – Also known as Zone therapy, this western method of healing clears and opens up energy channels by massaging certain points in hands and feet that are supposed to be connected to other vital internal organs of the body.

Aromatherapy – It is practiced by expert usage of essential oils, herbs and other aroma producing materials. Positive energy fields may be generated to remove negativity.

Geopathic Science – As the term suggests “Geo” means “Earth”. And the term “Pathic” is a very interesting one. It indicates both a disease, as well as a cure for the disease. The energy moving in and around the Earth’s atmosphere can be directed to positively affect the energy field of the human body and cure disease.

Applied Kinesiology – This method helps to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength and weakness.

Machines – As a result of many years of experience, many practitioners of Energy Healing have developed numerous tools and devices to enhance the medicinal effects of Energy Healing. Examples: ionic foot baths, computron, QXCI, vega, Voll (EAV), Hulda Clark zappers, vibe machine, vibration tables, etc.

Other Methods – Yoga, Chanting, Tai Chi-chi Kung, Sufi dancing, Polarity, Craniosacral work, Therapeutic touch, Feldenkreis work, some forms of Meditation, Chakra balancing, imagery, and visualization techniques.

Principles of Energy Healing

The basic principles of energy healing are as follows:

1) Energy influence our thought process.

2) Perception is affected by inherent energy field.

3) Changes in human energy field are expressed through the human body.

4) Uninhibited flowing of human energy facilitates healing.

5) A person after enhancing his own energy field may direct those positive energies to another person.

6) Smooth flow of energy ensures symmetry and balance in life.

7) Everything has an energy component.

Conditions For Treatment By Energy Healing


Our body is the ultimate superhighway of energy currents. And scholars throughout history have understood and explained the invisible flow of energy. Also, this energy flow is present throughout our bodies. And that has a profound impact on its various systems. Now, we can put this knowledge to use through energy healing. The physical conditions that can be corrected are as follows :

– It can treat serious ailments like cancers and other chronic conditions.

– Energy healing corrects old muscular or skeletal injuries.

– It can restore balance to the basic systems of the body like digestion and circulation.

– Energy healing promotes overall wellness and immunity.


It is well known that our mind is literally a processor of energy. Tiny electrical impulses transmit information across neurons that form the basis for our thoughts and decisions. By addressing beliefs and mental patterns through the flow of energy, we can liberate ourselves from resistance and live each day with clarity and purpose. That is the essence of energy healing.

– It releases internal roadblocks and inculcate confidence that we can achieve any goal.

– It develops a “success” mentality that takes us towards abundance.

– It let go of old feelings of guilt and regret that hold us back.

– It conquers fears and build confidence from the inside out.


Various studies have shown that our emotions are not random, nor are they merely reactive to our environment. But they are also guided by the flow of energy through our body, mind, and soul. They are specifically affected by the seven chakras present in various regions of our bodies. These chakras are known as energy centers.  At a basic level, a person’s emotional and physical health is directly dependent on the proper functioning of these chakras. The benefits of energy healing on the emotional well being can reflect as follows :

– It can ease the pain of depression and help one find the joy in everyday life.

– Energy healing can remove anxiety and bring calm and confidence in day today life of an individual.

– It has the power to eliminate anger from its root and help an individual develop compassion and understanding.

– It can relieve an individual of chronic sadness and help in developing a wise and gentle view of life.


The most important benefit of energy healing is that it opens the path to our spiritual well being. Spirituality is embedded in the lives of all of us irrespective of the religion. It will keep opening the doors of new ways of understanding the nature of the cosmos and the unseen world. The following benefits can be gained spiritually by energy healing :

– It gives life a deep and unshakable sense of purpose and meaning.

– Energy healing encourages our natural intuition and let it always guide us in good directions for overall betterment.

– It helps us in gaining new insight into life’s most profound questions.

– Energy healing harnesses our unseen connections to all of the people in our lives and help us complete the journey of our life smoothly.


Energy Healing is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life on this planet. Beyond our this present beautiful world, an unfathomably complex network of energy fuels and connects everyone and everything. Hence learning to understand and apply this energy as medicine can help us lead a better and satisfying life. Energy healing will remove all that ails us. It can unfold our vast personal potential for health, happiness, and meaning in life. It does not mean that one should ignore modern medicine. But quite the opposite i.e. When someone needs healing, he/she must use all the resources available. And that means energy medicine in concert with other treatments.

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